About Care Car

The Care Car serves as a critical means for helping older adults get where they want and need to go with a level of extended service. We have experience with this population as we have been the caregivers for our own aging family members. We know that transportation can be stressful and require additional attention. It is not always about the drop off and pickup. The Care Car is here to help and provide trusted care for all of the people they transport.

Who is Care Car?

My name is Will Montgomery, upon graduation I went to work for a big name financial company and although grateful for the opportunity, I realized there was something more I wanted to do. I have been caring for my aging grandparents and their friends for several years and a common theme kept emerging. The need for driving with additional care and service. Many people have some type of medical condition which does not allow them to drive. From strokes to macular degeneration, an injury or basic consequences of aging. Many people need assistance getting in and out of cars and buildings. A trusted driving service allows freedom and ease of mind for caregivers. A trusted transportation service allows elders to be independent.

Why Care Car?

You can trust us to show up and provide additional services to help you in and out of the vehicle and into your appointment or event. We stay with you and provide the extra attention you may need.

Other mainstream car services do not provide consistent trust or offer any additional assistance which is so often needed. The additional care is what sets the Care Car apart from other transportation services. It is not simply curb to curb. You can trust us and ask us to help you with what you need.

image of Will Montgomery
image of Care Car assisting someone